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Analisis Perbandingan Kualitas ATM

14 Nov

This is the second result for our hard effort guys….
Next time, we’ll do it better than this..
So,,,,FIGHTHING…!!! For all of you my friends (Dwie Edogawa, Hera Napitzz, Malida H, and Riny P)..

In this time, I want to say sorry for each of the ATM’s security guards and all of the ATM’s users, because of the uncomfortable situation…
And i also want to say thanks for them… ^^

Analisis Website Pemerintah Daerah Tingkat II Provinsi Sumatera Utara

6 Nov

Thanks for all my teamworks (Dwi Edogawa, Hera Napitz, Malida H., and Riny P.) who had worked hard to finish this paper…
I hope in the next research, we can do it well too…
Ganbbaatteee for us…. ^^